S&S Group is a wholly-owned conglomerate of companies operating in the ultra-luxury, real estate, automotive, arts, and fashion industries.

Welcome to S&S Group, a wholly-owned conglomerate of companies operating in the ultra-luxury, real estate, automotive, arts, and fashion industries. We take pride in our role as the exclusive importer, distributor, and representative of numerous prestigious luxury brands. At S&S Group, we are pioneers in crafting authentic, unparalleled experiences and lifestyle choices for discerning clientele in the luxury and premium segments.

Since our foundation in 2013, we have consistently established ourselves as a major player in the luxury retail sector. We have developed our own network of distribution, sales, and retail outlets, and are recognized as a leading provider of luxury goods and merchandise that offer exceptional customer service. Our prestigious, award-winning boutiques in the main business hubs of the country are a testament to our success, and have led to exponential revenue growth year on year.


At S&S Group, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest standards of luxury and premium products, as well as unparalleled customer service. We continuously strive to push the boundaries of the luxury industry and to deliver exceptional experiences that exceed our clients’ expectations. Join us on this journey towards the ultimate in luxury and premium lifestyle choices.

  • S&S Group is dedicated to improve our colleagues, partners and patrons’ lives. We are determined that everyone who has come to be with us, would be inspired and be part of a brighter future. We work for higher purpose which is to expand the possibility to live better. We will always strive for excellence in every decision made – including the services and experiences that we offer.
  • Our core vision is to consistently contribute to the advancement and development of our social and cultural environment.
what we do
S&S Group operates in the following business verticals based on its vast network of affluent and HNW Individuals.
The Group business spans a range of disciplines from Luxury goods to Art and Fashion.
A career at S&S Group provides the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most exclusive luxury brands which we are honored to represent.  

Joining our team is your unique experience as we establish a dynamic, stimulating and exhilarating international standard working environment that will allow you to operate in various kinds of roles based on your interests and expertise and grow to your full potential.

We also provide a well-structured career development plan to identify talents for advancement from within the team at every opportunity. With the unwavering determination and appropriate self-learning attitude you will be able to see a very clear career path ahead in the vibrant industries S&S Group operates in.

Equipped with the solid foundation of the luxury industry along with the earned skills set during your journey with us, you will find yourself ready to define your personal path to success.

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Few of the luxury brands we work with
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